PERTE for circular economy approved in Spain

Last March, the Council of Ministers approved the Strategic Project for Economic Recovery and Transformation (PERTE) for the Circular Economy, a plan aimed at accelerating the transition to a more efficient and sustainable production system in the use of raw materials.

PERTE is committed to three fundamental objectives for the advancement of the Circular Economy in Spanish industry: the promotion of the eco-design of products to make them more durable and repairable from their very origin, reducing waste; the improvement of waste management through treatment plants that increase reuse, recycling and the incorporation of recovered raw materials in the production of new goods. And the promotion of digitalization linked to both objectives, which will improve the competitiveness and innovation of the industrial sector in any field.

To achieve these objectives, PERTE sets aid of 492 million euros and will mobilize resources in excess of 1,200 million between public and private investment to be developed from this year until 2026. In this line, the plan is made up of 18 instruments distributed in two lines of action: actions in key sectors, which has a budget of 300 million and transversal actions to promote the circular economy in the company, endowed with 192 million.

As regards renewable energies, the deployment that the sector is currently undergoing requires managing the waste generated by these technologies when the facilities reach the end of their useful life. Components such as wind turbine blades, photovoltaic panels and storage batteries must be integrated into a circular production and reuse scheme. Therefore, the plan will promote the eco-design of these products associated with the clean energy sector, as well as the development of facilities and systems to increase the reuse and recycling of these products.

The PERTE of circular economy will be a great boost to the initiatives of the Spanish renewable industry, with the dual objective of achieving maximum sustainability in the sector while building an industrial and knowledge network around recovery, reuse and recycling solutions.

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